HOw Effaclar Duo Plus changed my Life

Effaclar Duo plus is a product from larocheposay part of the L’oreal family.
Since I got my first item to review from escentual which was a tube of effaclar duo plus, my skin has never remained the same.

Yes, I get outbreaks of acne once in a while when I slip up on regimen or start testing a new product.
My skin has not been this good since I was using mary kay timewise and acne gel in college (pray ask me why I stopped )

I no longer have breakouts that last for weeks then turn into blackheads and scars.
The right side of my face which I sleep on every night is losing the dark marks from previous acne slowly.

My T zone is brighter.
For something that costs about N4500 Nigerian Naira, you best be certain it is worth every penny.

This is a multi tasking product and serves as an excellent base for makeup.
Please dump silicon primers.
After a wedding outing when a silicon primer was used on me, I had 3 large breakouts in exact same region of application.
I’m sorry but that primer showed me shege.
Silicon doesn’t allow skin breathe.

I’m all for allowing skin breathe and having good skin.
It is a continuous fight against acne and surely we will win but in that fight, effaclar duo plus keeps you on the frontline winning day by day.

Effaclar duo plus is available at skinplus calabar. For other la roche posay products please check the shop list for instructions and contact at skinplus calabar.

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It’s been a joyous time here.

Let’s grow on the other side. 

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Effaclar duo plus spf 30 review

Hi loves,

I’m still using my holy grail effaclar duo plus under makeup bur not everyday. I was chatting with a friend on twitter who wanted to start a regimen and suggested effaclar duo plus to her. We looked up escentual and realised that effaclar duo had a new sister called the duo spf 30

Remember effaclar duo plus from this post here. It has been reworked and sunscreen added to it to improve the anti dark mark factor.

For me the most important thing about this is that finally we get a product that reliably helps with acne acne and has sunscreen in it as well. 

The active ingredients are- 

  • Niacinamide
  • .Zinc.
  • Salicylic acid
  • LHA 

Zinc is both uva and uvb but they still give a warning that if you’re going to have full sun exposure then you should use a full spf factor.

It comes in the same packaging which reduces contaminants and helps to control the volume to use at a time.i don’t use a lot of product anyway. 

My thoughts are that this works fine enough and if you ask me for black skin it’s good to go.There aren’t any parabens in this nor any formaldehyde producing agents.

I’ve been using it and it does the same job quite good enough as it’s predessor.

It still mattifies and works like a primer.

I love it.

There’s no doubt I will be stocking this on  skinplus website 

Good things have to be shared.

Shopping on Ali express to Nigeria


Long over due post. 

So, in the past 2 years I’ve been buying things on aliexpress a little more frequently. 

A few seeds here and there,a few hardware stuff. I’ve learnt a few lessons and I thought to share the know how.

1. They really do ship to Nigeria in about 2 weeks. Anything longer and there may be a story to it.

 Some sellers are dishonest and won’t even ship the item or send a wrong tracking number but always monitor your inbox to be sure you take action when a letter about time running out for receiving your order comes or you will be left with the short end of the stick. 

. Don’t buy seeds on Ali express. 

Gardening is gathering momentum now but be sure that you will be buying a weed very very likely. 

I have been unlucky more times than I’ve been lucky.

some seeds don’t sprout and some are just plain weeds or the vegetable we call green. They always send that to me as blueberry seeds.

3. Don’t buy clothes on Ali express

The sizing is always wrong. I tried it once and never did it again

4. These days they are protective of their sellers. It is now a seller focused site.They won’t allow you make honest claims or they disable video uploads to support your dispute. You can’t file a dispute and your item isn’t working.  Your money goes. Happened to me. Seller sent me the order again . It still didn’t working. 

5.Be careful with their electronics. Everything is gamble. I did buy a rechargeable blender that works fine for quick smoothies

I also bought a solar lamp for the outside of the house. 

6. I don’t buy skincare items off the site it’s a bit too scary to try . Dishonesty is the order of the day over there but these days the sellers all play scared. You don’t want to gamble with your skin. 

7. Always check measurements and volume sizing. I have ended up with many small minute items in the name of a good deal. Examples are below. 

I bought it to use it as a candle holder. Only tea candles can fit in there.

Cupcake holder

Mini stapler. This is so small. It can only staple two papers.

I recently bought hair to add to a bundle I have because all the hair we buy comes from China.  Wish me luck when it comes. I shipped to the USA because it was cheaper and more secure. 

I find a lot of American reviews on their hair and it is tempting. Let’s see how it turns out. I will update this post.  

You need to see the frontals and bundles there. Hmm. 

8. How to get your items

They will arrive your local post office and you will likely get a call to pick it up or a text. 

You can keep an eye out and check for it at the registered parcel section.

You don’t pay unless the parcel is big. 

Hope this helps. 


Glam glow supermud review


Glamglow mud

I was literally over and beside myself to try this one day.

All the bloggers and everyone was going on about glam glow mud

Oh my. 

Surprise,one day it appeared in my sephora playbox.

I must really apologise for the lack of unboxing videos.

I had initially planned to make a post about the boxes then I thought videos would be better but I ended up with none of the above.


So here we are.

I recieved a wee bit of a sample and trust me it was enough to make up my mind about it.

I found that this was as good as activated charcoal benefits with some glycolic acid thrown In to boot.

Such a beautiful product. Perfect for lazy days and long nights. I used it on acne spots and I also used it all over my face. I’m not particular about following stuff like this up with a lot of moisture because I’m not keen on that .. however if you love a soft pliable face, I suggest a rose mist after this and your skin will be absolutely glowing.

I’ve tried to diy it at home but of course, without a good preservative system the mud will definitely be spiked with bacteria after a while. 
It goes on smoothly and can be spread out on your face. I just use my fingers on a premoistened face.

To take it off you use a soft facial sponge soaked in warm water. I don’t like using soap or cleanser to take it off it becomes a bit of a drag.

It’s absolutely and awesome product and worth the rave. 
Buy it wherever you see it.

It’s wonderfully good.

Ingredients include 


now you know why it’s popular.

Essential oils and stuff to bind and stabilise them all together 

For those who want an end to all of their pesky facial problems and a little bit of glow from a mask, this is your baby.

It retails at about $69 for a full size.

Available on their site and on

But hey, do you see why I love high end beauty boxes ?

Makeup forever mist and fix review

My first experience with a makeup fixing spray and it’s an awesome one. 

Makeup for ever is a brand every junkie must have heard about in their lifetime of fixes.

I got this spray from Marshall on a cheap and I do not for once regret buying it. 

I use it on my face after makeup and also sometimes spritz on the brush before foundation. I find this  fixes my foundation so good there’s no transfers afterwards.

It lasts a good 7 to 8 hours on my face and trust me that’s something good because my skin is oily to combination on my face. 

My oily tzone is legendary but this takes away those worries for a long time. 


Packaging is perfect  it couldn’t come any other way ( until the beauty industry surprises us)

I quite love the simplicity of black and white.  

It gives a certain luxurious feel to products. 

I love it and I give this a good 8/10 just for the lack of a luxury smell to it.

I fancy adding some lavender to this would make it a topnotch product 

I have another spray to review  so be on the lookout. 
Have yourselves a lovely easter weekend.

Blogger conference 

Hi guys,

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted and I must say I’m missing you all a lot.
So it’s been very busy in the newborn unit but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of stuff lined up for you

I want to talk about influencers and bloggers within our sphere of life and outside.

I’ve been privileged to interact with a number of bloggers online and have made friends and valuable contacts.

What I appreciate most about blogging is the fact that a relative interest a person has in a subject can generate so much buzz and followership. 

It’s like a group of people find they have similar interests because one person decided to talk about it.

Bloggers have found themselves almost like the new celebrities. People depend on them for what to wear,use and buy.

I recently was inspired  by someone from eventbrite and they gave me such a wonderful idea. 

What if I could have all the bloggers I wanted on a panel to discuss certain issues. Like a blogger conference. 

I would say such an event would definitely have to be like a getaway set somewhere in an idyllic getaway location..

My perfect place would be somewhere in obudu cattle ranch in calabar, nigeria 

It would be perfect for travel, the experience of getting there and the scenery and natural life would definitely inspire and get creative juices flowing. 

My ideal panel would  consist of  people I admire in blog sphere. 

1. The man repeller – check out her blog /site the man repeller

2. Caroline hirons – she needs no introduction. caroline an awesome force and influencer with in depth knowledge of products and skincare.

3. Awedbymonica – fashionable as fashion  can be awedbymoni

4. Ufuoma akpantem of sizzelle store who is a beauty blogger and successfully runs one of the foremost online stores in nigeria for beauty.

5. Nini of nini on instagram

This isn’t such a long or big fancy list but I do find myself checking these bloggers out and I feel they have something to offer  either by way of enjoying blogging and excelling at it to turning it into a business. 
You could host your own conference, meeting,getaway or whatever it is you wanted to do and hey make some money on the side.

What if you had something you really wanted to share and get paid for ?

You can try hosting yours with eventbrite


Honest beauty refreshing wash review ,deset essence thoroughly clean face wash review.

It’s been a long time since I posted a review bur I’ve still been doing my usual.

Using up stuff I mean.

I took advantage of the honest beauty trial offer last year and got myself a set for oily skin.

It consisted of a facial wash , moisturiser and an spf cream

They all came in a grey purse wirh little perforated holes much like the laser design we have these days. 

All items were also in grey bottle packaging.

I got about 50mls face wash and 5ml moisturiser and spf 20

The face wash is mild and clean.

It’s a transparent gel.

I didn’t see the ingredients listed on the product package but honest beauty is like the name suggests a natural beauty company.

The wash is non irritating and I also used it in the shower on one or two a day.

It was an overall good experience. 

My breakouts are largely under control with black soap from skinplus so I won’t be talking much about breakouts unless I end up with a product that really triggers that off. 

I used this most evenings as a first cleanse and used black soap afterwards. 

The second sachet is desert essence facial wash.

I really enjoyed it. It was calming and it contains a lot of herbals extracts and oils including liquorice which brightens the skin. 

That being said I’m off a lot of products for now because my face is getting lighter in my humble opinion. I even feel I’ve gone down one shade lighter and I don’t like it. A lot of natural oils which is what I’ve been using for about 2 years. I use oils all the time and natural soaps  but I still use dove and olay a lot. 

So back to my review, though the desert essence was a small quantity that’s a facial soap that you will definitely enjoy using. If you ever find it in a store go buy it or better still if you need a natural brand that’ works, this is a guarantee
Hopefully I will post reviews of some makeup items I’ve recently used from sephora play.

I also have 2 boxes to share. I’ve been so behind on my posts and I’m really really sorry. 

There you have it though. 

Honest beauty always has this trial for $7 or so going on. You get 3  products. 

They also have same trials for their diaper range which is all the rave online.

I bought the items reviewed myself except the desert essence which was a small gift at whole foods market. ( whispers – fave store )