Treating acne- pimples. 

It’s really simple if you know the science behind it.

When you realise however that almost every company making skincare products knows the science and starts out with it but sometimes you don’t get desired results for reasons I’ve mentioned in a previous post. 

Then again,  that’s why I take the pain to review almost every product I use,  from testers to full size just so you do not make that mistake of buying something with right reasoning but a little flawed.

Now, for people with acne,  a lot of your options depends on your age and scarring as well as other associated conditions of your skin.

Nothing replaces a dermatological assessment and nothing replaces a carefully tailored skincare regimen after consultation.

A general rule for a skincare regimen is the basic 3

  1. Wash
  2. Toner
  3. Treatment 

You must follow these steps to see any improvement in your skin.

This means you have to use these 3 steps as building blocks for whatever regimen you want to follow.

Other steps can be added as mini rituals to the 3. Whatever you put on your face is either cleaning it, toning it or treating it.

WashING is so important. This is where clogged pores start and not with oil production as is regularly touted. If you produce enough oil to fry stuff on your stuff but you wash it away, does it cause any harm in the end ? No. 

Okay. Starting carefully I don’t advocate all that use of oil free cleanser and blah blah because your skin will only become drier and then produce more oil.

Don’t believe that oil free hype. 

A wrongly formulated oil free wash will set your pocket back and keep you with breakouts intact. 

Does it really matter ? Yes,but not as much as you are led to believe. I’ve used a lot of these items and believe me , its not that serious.

Wash your face with even the simplest of simples. A bar soap .. liquid soap is always better because it covers more areas. 

In this regard, there’s a fabulous brand whose facial soap is to die for. It doesn’t smell like what you would think soap should and I don’t mind ebcause fragrance doesn’t do much to help your skin. It’s ecopantryskincare. Check out their facial bars here and even though it will set you back a bit, you’re getting more bang for your buck Instagram link. Try their facial bar soaps. Then there’s a whole lot of natural soap artisans on social media now and this gives you options. Suggestions are to go for charcoal and tea tree soaps. Charcoal will lift dirt and tea tree will kill bacteria. Perfect right ? Yes!

I love dettol soap for people who are on a budget and who need to choose one or two serious items to focus on in their regimen. 

Wash your face of all makeup and all dirt acquired during the day. Dettol has a lovely even tone soap with apricot bits. I say dettol because it has antibacterial agents in it. This helps to kill the bacteria lying on the skin waiting to get into the pores. The idea of washing is to get the surface dirt off and perhaps if you can afford some thing more, move up to a specific acne or facial wash.  Always look out for exfoliants  in your wash. I listed them out in the post on facial washes.

If you use makeup and cannot afford to get micellar water or a blend of oils for oil cleansing then I suggest a tub of shea butter some  of  which you rub some on your palms and then on your face with hands then wash, makeup comes off real easy. Do not use coconut oil for this business. It doesn‘t have enough natural acids in it to perform this function.  Shea butter is cheap and is everywhere.  Remember it has to smell nutty.

Toning is a very important step and this alone can help you beat breakouts. Many people skip this step but please, Don’t .

An acid based toner is best. I will address this rose hydrosol and other hydrosols used for toning. If you have problem skin,please skip the drama and keep it for after you have treated your skin.

Hydrosols are good when you have sorted out your main issue. Witch hazel is also a good toner  but if you have acne skin, do not run away from the truth. You need that acidic based toner to slough off cells and open your pores for whatever treatment , serum, hydrosol you eventually use to work. 
Alcohol based toners are not the devil.please do not regard them as so. Alcohol dissolves the oil in your pores and if you cannot afford pixi glow then why will you allow your face become a crater ?

 Please and please, use a  toner. 

Diy formula will be up soon. 

Swish and swipe with Cotton wool repeatedly until you get clean wool. 

Last step is to  Apply treatment.

This could be benzoyl peroxide,retinol or any other fancy item you please.  There is no diy swap for this one,invest your money in your skin.

 good products are not always the expensive ones.  Do check out This post on acne creams a list of products you can use. 

I’m always available for a chat.

Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

 I have been using it up just bit by bit postponing the day of doom when it finishes.
I daresay this is one moisturiser that didn’t have me reaching for a natural oil to mix things up.

My skin loves moisture and I don’t deprive it of some. It especially loves locking moisture in.

Did you know that to take advantage of your skin care products you could do something like an ‘loc’ on your skin ? 

I’m a sucker for nice smells you know, not on myself but in my environment.

The cream scent was a thousand wishes and I absolutely love it.

It’s not big on natural ingredients just shea butter, cocoa butter and then some plenty chemical looking names which I guess are harmful but one can never tell with these things. 

As a formulator myself , the names don’t look too strange. Some are oil substituents but it’s kind of easy to understand why the organic brands are more expensive.

This cream does exactly what it has been marketed for and a little bit more. It’s pretty expensive by our conversions here. Cost about $6 but bath and body works always has some sort of promo going on which you mix and match items maybe for less.

They do have a whole lot of scents out in this range of shea butter cream and they all smell lovely. I didn’t buy the others but made sure to try them in store. 

If you’re big on natural stuff then this is pretty harmful. If youre an all organic person then this isn’t your alley.

I don’t know about animal testing so I won’t say.

All in all, this is a pretty fabulous item to have on hand and using it made people ask me what perfume I was wearing even on the day I wore none. 

Point made. 

Repurchase is certain and perhaps in same scents to layer on. 

Acne treatment- creams 

This is the last part of the mini series of posts we have done on acne and it’s treatment. 
I still hope this last part will be useful to you 

All the same,  the basic underlying knowledge you need to take away is that it’s always a good idea to see a cosmetolgoist or dermatologist before you start trying stuff on your skin.

Having an assessment of your skin is always a good idea and by this I mean,  evaluation  of the problems your skin has.

Acne treatments are practically divided into two – 

  1. Creams or potions that kill bacteria
  2. Creams that unclog the pores 

Most products today are a combination of both.

Creams that kill bacteria usually include 

Benzoyl peroxide, sulphur,neomycin those are the most commonly used agents

Creams that unclog pores would consist of a variety of items like salicylic acid,  Glycolic acid, lactic acid, lipohydroxy salicylic acid and retinol which also helps to rebuild cells 

Whenever you are shopping for a cream for acne treatment it should contain one or two of the above listed agents

Examples of creams you should be looking out for – 

  1. Mary kay acne gel
  2. Oxy10 
  3. Clearasil pore perfecting acne cream
  4. Clear skin 10 if you can still find an original
  5. Effaclar duo plus
  6. Avenue cleanance 
  7. First aid beauty acne correcting cream
  8. Dr. Lin acne cream 
  9. Differing gel
  10. Retinol a cream – retin a
  11. Panoxyl 5 or 10
  12. La Roche posay redermic R
  13. La Roche posay Effaclar k

      There you have it, known to work and just What you need. 

      Site alert -Scandinavian decor 

      I recently fell in love (about a year ago) with Scandinavian design and decor.

      There’s something about minimalist looks,clean lines and angles and white.

      It just appeals to the eye and if you are someone who likes most things right in their place it will appeal to your inner ocd.

      So I had been on the lookout for a site to buy their stuff from to no avail. I mean how do you even start to ship from all the way over there in Europe ? Until I found this – bysitome they sell Scandinavian decor pieces in the uk and ship to most countries except us. Hehe

      Considering this post is going to be most useful for my readers in the usa and some other European countries,it’s still worth a post.

      Others, do check the site out and feed your eyes. Happy shopping!!

      Zamoux cosmetics calabar launch

      Not one to hoard good news, here’s the deets 

       Zamoux cosmetics of the brand whose  lipstick I reviewed sometime last year, held a  party at mirage parkway hotel, Obama ikoyi street of marian road today.

      It was a launch of their product into the market and to have everyone try the lipsticks AND eat some cupcakes and drinks.

      Trust me, the red velvet was awesome. 
      Here are some pictures.

      Ginger got the she and I ,

      I got ‘the she’

      Haha.the sun was blistering. 

      I really should do outfit posts once in a while. I’m just too lazy I tell you.

      Dress- old navy

      Bag- zara

      Shoes- zara (not pictured) 

      Pimples/acne solutions -choosing a toner and why 

      Why do you need a toner ?

      Why is it that most persons whin suffer the most acne don’t use a toner ? 

      This is what you need to know about a toner. Sometimes called an astringent , toners help to do a number of things on your skin.

      They help to open up closed pores further after washing.

      They help to return the ph of your skin from alkali me after soap to a neutral ph which is the basic ph of our skin.this is why most toners are acidic in nature. 

      Some toners help to seal open pores after treatments and some toners also help to calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation and prepare skin for a treatment , cream or serum that will sink into the pores.

      This is why it is important to use a toner if you have acne because without your pores open, and unlogged your products will get in and block the openings preparing you for more breakouts.

      Your choice of toner will depend on the problems you have with your skin or what you try to achieve with your skin.

      1. If your concerns are for acne, something  with salicylic acid is best. The concentration would range from 0.5% to 2% -clearasil ultra rapid action pads, alba botanical acne dote deep cleam astringent 
      2. Homemade toners like acid cider Vinegar work on the same principles of applying acids to help exfoliate and further clean out pores on skin. Vineat contains a weak acid which is naturally derived from apples.
      3. For aging skin with imperfections, Glycolic acid from 2% to 5% -pixi glow tonic and glow peel pads, dr.Dennis gross peel pads.
      4. For skin damaged from sunburn and creams, Glycolic acid and a mix of other acids as well as herbal constituents to calm the skin is useful. – examples -pixi by petra glow tonic , play herbal active with snow petal
      5. For dry and flaky skin, a herbal hydrosol of rose or lavender essence will calm itching and camomile will reduce inflammation buy rose hydrosol from organic life plus. At least I’m sure of that brand.

      When choosing a toner, it is important to see a dermatologist or cosmetolgoist at least once for an assessment of your skin. This will help you to make a choice as to what type to buy and know what your skin really needs.

      Not all skin that has acne is oily skin. can have acne too the pathologic process is just different but the end mechanisms are the same. 

      If you had to scrimp on any part of your regimen for skin, it shouldn’t be your toner. 

      As always, the products listed above are just a guide..

      When we have concluded the talk on various parts of a simple 3 step regimen then we will go on to extras. 

      What toner do you use and do you like it ? Does it work for you ? 

      Have you had acne problems and what did you do to help it along .. 


      Have I ever mentioned that I love the French manicure ? White tips just have a look about them.

      White tips go with quaint little picket fences, cinnamon buns and tea. 

      That’s what it is in my head although I’m more up for cinnamon popcorn than cinnamon buns. Buns just have a sickly sweetness to them. Perhaps it’s just cinnabon bUt I would rather some tasty popcorn. For tea though,  I’ll have my mani and then some tea preferably green with lemon and for snacking, a healthy slice of oat cake and beet crackers.

      Did you know I make healthy snacks too and you could order ? No.

      Okay, so I got this hard as nails Sally hansen  nylon like wrap top coat .. have a look 


      Avon colour trend in rare and Sally hansen french manicure white tip pen which is currently feeding my french manicure obsession to the max.

      This is what I did.

      I put the Avon all over the nails after base coat. It didn’t apply too well as with most nude colours. 

      Then I used the tip of the manicure pen to outline the nails tips that had grown on.

      The nylon wrap keeps for about a week and so does the white tip manicure pen. 

      It doesn’t look very pretty neat but uneeds you are like me and you are always looking at fine details, you probably cant tell a mile away.

      Hard as nails nylon wrap from at $7.. manicure pen from amazon at $5.99 Avon nail polish from skinplus calabar at N800 naira when the dollar was good. 

      We do have some Avon nail polish on sale. Stop by if you are in calabar and steal one for N500 only. You are a thief really to get one at such a price in these times.

      Okay everyone what’s your favourite mani style ?

      Here’s my final look.