La Roche posay redermic R review. 

I’m sorry Effaclar duo plus 

I never believed this could happen but, scoot over. 

Hello, redermic R. An amazing ,amazing product. I found this in walgreens one evening when I was terribly hungry for samples. There was this screen supposed to test your skin but it wasn’t working .

So I asked,’now this screen isn’t working how do I get samples?’ Lady offered me her sample drawer. . I went back home and tried it. My brother did too and then we went back for more samples ..

Don’t judge me for doing that but this is just too fabulous for words.

Lipohydroxyacid and retinol In one tube. My acne disappeared. Of course I always have acne , ~♤> why? 

I don’t stick to my routine despite how much i preach. Once my skin is clear I start sleeping with just washing my face and no exfoliants. 

 I have big plans for wipes.

lazy people should get lazy skincare too.

This product  cleared my skin up. Throughout summer I had these pesky breakouts which happens whenever I am not overdosing on vegetables and so I was struggling with treating them. Benzoyl peroxide wasn’t working and that happens sometimes. My skin was just acting up. Redermic R sorted me out in 5 days flat and let’s not start on sunburn.

For every regimen dealing with hyperpigmentation, a retinol always makes sense. This worked for my brother as well in that regard. Marketed as an antiaging treatment, this does far more than treat aging skin. 

It made a difference for my acne and if you have adult acne, have struggled to find a lasting solution,  then perhaps you can ask for a sample of redermic R at a beauty counter , I know walgreens for one stock lrp. I gave my second sample to my mum and she did notice a marked difference in the skin around her eyes which are darker due to broken capillaries from allergies.  If you can’t find a sample, invest in a full sized treatment.  Buying retinol is always a good decision. It will always work. 

This has 0.3% retinol and is the highest I’ve seen without a prescription. Roc retinol cream used to be the highest..

Redermic R also has adenosine which works to reduce the inflammation expected with such a high level of retinol. LhA which I think is la Roche posay miracle acid is included to provide cellular clean up and exfoliate skin cells. It costs a whopping $58 for full size but this will always be value for your money. Not a single bad review and if you are desperate for your skin, say hello and purchase here. la Roche pay site for america

Unfortunately for blog readers in Nigeria, this cannot be found in any shops here. I think we are too obsessed with skin colour to realise that aging is also an issue and healthy skin costs more than whitening milk and Arabic half caste cream. If you are interested, I can help you preorder this. Retinol is widely avaluable without a prescription here and you can get at pharmacies as retin A. 

I will do a bigger post on the value of retinol in your skin care but  try it for now and thank me when that post is out. 

It will set you back at least 5000 naira but trust me that would have made one of the best skincare decisions of your life.  

Have you ever used a retinol product before ? Did you know that retinol is the miracle product for wrinkles and aging ? Did you know that using retinol from age 25 along with sunscreen daily will ensure you don’t get crows feet and fine lines  ? 

Well, wait for that post but drip your gist herein the meantime. 

First thoughts – caudalie polyphenols range

Hey guys,
What’s cracking?

In my little corner, I’m indulging in some caudalie goodness.
Just In case you haven’t, meet the caudalie brand here and here on their website
If you follow me on instagram here you would have seen first pictures of my caudalie set the day it came and credits to the source.
I got the three products of the new range
These are the
Eye and lip cream


I’ve been using the eye cream of the lot for a week and started the serum today.
What I can say is I’m liking it.
Of course there will be a review in due course.
It takes about a month to form full opinions on most skincare products.
In that time, enjoy other posts I’ve got lined up for you and try caudalie full sizes here, gift /trial sizes here latestinbeauty

Love and shopping

Sleek studio neu skin reveal -mini review.


I’m not doing a personal review of this product because I didn’t use it.
I bought it for someone and here’s the deal.
It works.
I can’t post her pictures here but she saw results in 3days.
With 8% glycolic acid it comes cheaper than most creams of it’s grade.
I know a few brands that could rip your pocket out for far less glycolic than this.
What’s best is that its a cream meaning better for congested skin.

I recommend it for adult acne for women above 30, although sleek made it as a skin prep pre lightening agents.
It can also be used for razor bumps for men, as an anti aging serum at night applied on wrinkles and crow feet.
Just a dab will do.
It will fade your scats from acne as well as work on dark knuckles.
That’s just how miraculous glycolic acid is.
If you are in search of a miracle glow, look no further.
I’m quite happy about this product and I hope sleek continues to produce it.
If you are using skineal, funbact a and all those other things that contain steroids which damage skin, this is a safer cheaper bet for you in the long run.
When I get around to using it on myself, I will give a detailed review but I don’t need to tell you I’ll be using it for everything under the sun.

Until then, I think you should try this little miracle.
please remember to wear sunscreen of at least spf 30 when using glycolic acid.
Also best used at night.

Available at sleek outlets and at ebeano supermarket lekki 1 where I bought this.

I hope to have this in calabar in the next month or so.
Love and shopping guys.

Update -sleek products including skin reveal and flash a pout are available at the skinplus in calabar. 183 parliamentary road extension.